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Instax cameras are for feeling...

... Not for thinking

Let go and trust your instinct...

... Forget about picture perfect and control

It's about embracing life's surprises...

... And having a lot of fun :-)

Unfiltered, real, spontaneous moments...

... Moments worth capturing and sharing

Follow your instax

We've asked five creatives to follow their instax

Who knows what you'll experience and where you'll go

Delicia Celik

Delicia took her instax with her into Rotterdam's night life, capturing raw moments and great parties.


Hedof took his instax along while installing art on water (!) and enjoying a BBQ in the sun.

Jordan Seca

Jordan took her instax out to a day at the beach with friends, capturing great sun kissed moments.

Nicole Huisman

As a stylist Nicole uses het Square SQ10 on every project and inspiration hunt. The SQ10 is the perfect tool to test sets and styles. Only print the best!

Dirkie & Lize

Vlogger Lize Korpershoek knows how to shine of quirkiness. She grabbed her instax mini 9 and captured the fun moments with her (famous) pet Dirkie. Camera, cat, action!